Workshop Media Kit

Workshop Media Kit

About CPD Advisors

CPD Advisors is a business systems advisory firm for high-impact creative visionaries, startup founders, and community builders. We help clients integrate business processes, project management systems, and automation tools to improve efficiency and accelerate growth using our proprietary 6P Playbook.

CPD Advisors is dedicated to Transforming Chaos into Cashflow


Problems you’re Facing

Chaos takes many forms-a few of them are below:

  • Obscurity in Mission, Vision, and Values to empower individual decision making
  • Lack of ownership and accountability on Projects and Action Items
  • Poor Onboarding for Virtual Assistants and Team Members
  • Maintaining Relationships across partners, clients, vendors, etc...
  • Having multiple tools and systems causing repetitive context switching
  • Interruption culture preventing deep work and meaningful contribution

Solutions we’ve Designed

We design Strategies and Implementation Programs to teach clients how to:

  • Fortify Focus - how to increase organizational focus through defining Priorities and outlining how these will come to life
  • Get Shit Done (effectively) - how to increase execution velocity through Project Management, Automation, and creating templates within their business
  • Enroll your Network - how to define, discover, and enroll more people who are aligned with company mission, whether they are clients, partners, vendors, community, etc...
  • Scale your Business-how to document their processes so they can hire virtual assistants, team members, managers to continue growing their business



  • Our Workshops are the entry point to introduce clients to the transformation we provide
  • We build 6P Business systems for clients to support the Chaos to Cashflow Transformation
  • Our systems are built on top of the Notion Platform

Past Workshops

  • Prioritizing Progress - Defining Strategy and Execution Plans for your Highest Priorities
  • Annual Planning Workshop - Creating an Annual Plan for your Business
  • The 10x Plan - Designing slight tweaks for significant 10x Growth

Chaos to Cashflow Workshop Video